How do I apply for a job listed on RecruitMyMom?

You need to be a member of to have access to the full job listings page. When you as a member log-in you will be able to view all the available jobs by selecting the  "JOB LISTINGS" page. When you see a job that interests you, click on the description to view further details such as hours required and rate of pay.  

To apply for a position select "Apply for this job" at the bottom of the job specification.

You will be notified if your CV profile is not 100% complete.

If it is not complete you will be required to complete it.

Once complete select "Apply for this job".

Write a compelling, short covering note highlighting why you feel you are suited to this position.  

This covering note together with an email notification will be sent to the employer informing them that a CV is waiting to be viewed. 

The employer will then view the CV's online and ask you a question if needed. 

As a job-seeker you may be notified via email that an email awaits you from an employer. 

The employer may request a job interview or decline a CV application. 

If you are successfully selected for a temp, fixed contract or freelance role you will be required to sign  a contract with RecruitMyMom and return it to our office before commencement of employment.  See Terms and Conditions.