Avoid These Common Hiring Myths: A Guide for Employers

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Avoid These Common Hiring Myths A Guide for Employers

Common hiring myths lead to costly mistakes and missed opportunities when it comes to hiring the right talent. Thankfully, they are just myths. Hiring the right talent is one of the most critical aspects of a successful business, but also one of the most challenging. This article aims to debunk six hiring myths to enable employers to make better hiring decisions.


Top 7 hiring myths:


Myth 1: Job boards are the best source of applicants

False! When you need to make a hire, you are likely turn to popular job boards. These are, of course, great places to find the largest volume of applicants. But despite being the source of the most applicants, job boards do not produce hires at nearly the same rate as other sources. 

In all likelihood candidates that sign up to job boards are all the same candidates and as an employer you want to access an untapped pool of talent. 

According to the 2022 Recruiting Metrics Report only one percent of applicants are hired via job boards, as opposed to twenty-two percent that get hired via recruitment agencies.


Myth 2: Candidates are the only ones that are ghosting

False! Candidate ghosting refers to candidates who cease all communication with an employer during the hiring process. Instead of sharing why they may no longer be interested in a role, they simply disappear without any explanation or reasoning. Candidate ghosting is a problem, but… candidates aren’t the only ones that are ghosting. 

Employers are also guilty of a lack of communication during the hiring process. In fact, many never respond to applicants or fall out of touch after a few back-and-forth emails. Learnings from a 2022 report suggest that seventy-five percent of candidates have been ghosted by an employer after an interview. Ouch! 

Employers should avoid ghosting prospective employees and rather embrace transparent and respectful communication with prospective employees for several uplifting reasons. Engaging in open dialogue can enhance a company's reputation, create a more positive candidate experience, and strengthen the organisation's relationship with the talent pool. This approach cultivates a more inclusive and supportive company culture while ensuring that valuable candidates are acknowledged and appreciated throughout the hiring process.


Myth 3: A lengthy interview process guarantees the best candidates

False! A lengthy interview process, including multiple rounds and extensive testing, is believed by some employers to result in the best candidates. This is not the case. There is a war on talent, and skilled candidates get hired quickly.  Skilled professionals receive multiple job offers, and they won't wait around for a long-winded hiring process. A well-structured, efficient interview process attracts and retains top talent more effectively.

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Myth 4: Degrees are the best indicator of an individual's potential

False! While education is undoubtedly essential, a degree is not the best indicator of a candidate's potential. In today's fast-paced world, skills and experience often trump formal education. Rather than concentrating on degrees, employers should look at a candidate's specific skills, accomplishments, and cultural fit within the company.

According to a study conducted by The Burning Glass Institute, the percentage of jobs requiring a university degree fell from fifty-one percent in 2017, to forty-four percent in 2021. In fact, companies such as Google have introduced "career certificates" designed to provide content, resources, and guided activities to prepare prospective job seekers. The objective is to establish targeted programmes that address the specific talent requirements of the organisation as they emerge.


Myth 5: Past salaries are reliable indicators of future worth

False! It is common for employers to determine a candidate's value based on their past salary. This belief can result in unfair pay disparities, especially for candidates from underrepresented groups and those who have been underpaid in the past. Consider the candidate's skill set, market rate, and the value he or she can bring to your organisation instead of relying solely on past salaries.


Myth 6: The perfect candidate exists

False! No one is perfect, so seeking the "perfect" candidate who meets every criterion on a wish list can prolong the hiring process and lead to missed opportunities. Look for candidates who possess the essential skills, fit your company culture, and demonstrate growth potential. 

At RecruitMyMom we work with employers to agree the 80/20 principle. What will the person be doing eighty percent of the time that is vital to business success. Focus on this finding this skill set and train the remainder of the skills needed. This principle speeds up the hiring time considerably. 


Myth 7: Experience trumps potential

False! When hiring, experience isn't the only factor to consider. Candidates with less experience but immense potential can provide you with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Be open to hiring people who show promise and a willingness to learn and grow.

Employers should develop a more balanced and strategic approach to hiring in order to avoid falling victim to these myths. 


To avoid falling prey to these hiring myths, here are some tips to consider:


1. Streamline your interview process: 

Create a concise but thorough interview process that efficiently assesses a candidate's skills and cultural fit. 

Tip: Keep the candidate in communication throughout the entire process.


2. Focus on skills and potential: 

Place more emphasis on a candidate's skills and potential than their education or previous salaries.


3. Diversify your hiring: 

Seek candidates from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to foster innovation and inclusivity within your organisation.

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4. Assess cultural fit: 

Evaluate a candidate's alignment with your company's culture and values to ensure they are a good fit for your team.


5. Be open to growth

Look for candidates who not only meet the current needs of the role but also have the potential to grow and adapt as your organisation evolves.


6. Call in the professionals

Professional recruiters understand the value of a good candidate and can match them according to their skills, experience, and potential. At RecruitMyMom, we have an untapped talent pool of over 250,000 highly skilled candidates, and our expertise in understanding a clients needs and finding the candidate solution is what sets us apart.

Hiring the right candidates is a multifaceted process that involves more than just following conventional wisdom. By debunking these common hiring myths and adopting a more flexible and strategic approach, employers can attract and retain the talent needed for a thriving and innovative workforce. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for hiring success, but avoiding these myths and engaging in the services of a professional is a significant step in the right direction.

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