Debunking the myths surrounding part-time work

Debunking the myths surrounding part-time work

The perception that part-time work is low skill, temporary and mostly meant for the younger generation, could not be further from the truth. Many talented, skilled professionals are working part-time to gain flexibility and attain better work-life integration. In this article, we aim to debunk the six most common misconceptions surrounding part-time jobs.


Myth #1: Part-time jobs are typically lower-skilled, menial type jobs

Companies now realise the many benefits of hiring part-time employees. As such, businesses across various industries are using part-time jobs as a means of attracting vibrant, talented professionals, increasing productivity and reducing costs. At RecruitMyMom, all of the part-time jobs placed are skilled jobs, ranging from administrators, accountants, finance, project managers and marketers. 


Myth # 2: Part-time jobs are for students & younger people

To some, part-time work is for students or younger people in the retail and hospitality industries. To others, they are receptionists and admin people in a back office. Today, however, top-level employees with years of experience will switch from full-time to part-time jobs to gradually reduce their hours as they seek out better lifestyles or due to their changing family needs. Specialised industries that are hiring part-time recruit workers that have experience and top-notch expertise, expecting them to perform skilled functions within reduced hours. Fast-growing SME’s seek out qualified part-time job-seekers to fill gaps in the organisation while the company is scaling. 


Myth # 3 Full-time employees are the most productive.

Research studies prove that hour-for-hour part-timers are more productive than a full-time employee. The reason why this is the case is that part-time employees work fewer hours and therefore work consistently to get the job done within the hours allotted to them. Part-time workers are focused and less likely to take coffee and chat breaks and can be relied upon to complete tasks and projects on time, delivering more per hour than a full-time employee. 


Myth # 4 People who work part-time jobs are not as skilled as people who work full-time jobs 

The ill-conceived notion that people who find part-time jobs are not as competent to perform at the same level as a full-time employee is entirely false. On the contrary, people who work part-time jobs are often so established in their careers that they no longer need to work a full day to get the job done. In the case of working moms, many have built a career before having children, deciding to remain in their careers part-time, rather than stop working altogether. Some of the most highly skilled moms are career part-timers. This niche of job-seekers allows companies to tap into exceptional skills and pay only for hours required. 


Myth # 5 Part-time jobs are stepping stones until the employee finds full-time employment  

Many people assume part-time workers would jump ship for a full-time job. It may be the case for some, but not for all. Some people are unable or unwilling to work full time. Motivated by either personal or professional circumstances, they seek out part-time employment as a permanent working solution. Inspired by the number of skilled female professionals seeking flexible and part-time jobs, RecruitMyMom is a recruitment agency for women, specialising in the job placement of women who are committed to delivering excellence to businesses who are willing to recruit them as part-time skilled employees. 


Myth # 6 Part-time jobs only benefit the employee

Cost-saving benefits aside, businesses have much to profit from hiring part-time employees. Arguably more so than part-time employees stand to benefit from the employer. By considering part-time employment opportunities, companies can employ part-time, temporary contracts such as maternity cover jobs, or as permanent, part-time employees delivering a specific skill to the company. Skills such as bookkeeping, accounts, HR, digital, IT and many others. 


By dispelling the myths surrounding part-time work, we want to point out the benefits to business of hiring skilled part-time job-seekers. Whether it be permanent to increase productivity, or temporary to fill in periods of peak demand or staff absence. If companies change their perception of part-time work, they could gain access to a talent pool of highly-skilled individuals who add value to businesses through their high productivity and competitive skills. 

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