Five Benefits of Contract Work While Job Hunting

Five Benefits of Contract Work While Job Hunting

If you’ve been job hunting for a while, maybe it’s time to consider contract work. There’s been a steep rise in contract hiring over the last few years, and the benefits are numerous. You might like contract work so much you decide to make a career out of it! If, however, your end goal is a permanent position, there are still many benefits of contract working while job hunting.

Here are five benefits of contract work while job hunting

1. Contract work gets you back in the game

If you’ve been unemployed for a while, contract work can help get you back in the game. The longer you’re out of work for, the more of a knock it can be to your confidence. Contract work can be just the boost you need. It gives you the opportunity to use the skills you have, while gaining fresh experience. 

2. Contract work gives you the opportunity to learn new skills

As well as the chance to put your existing skills into practice, contact work is also an opportunity to learn new skills. The workplace is changing all the time, especially on the digital front. Contract work means you won’t get left behind. The longer you are out of workplace for, the greater the risk of your skills becoming outdated. 

3. Contract work helps you to network

A strong network is an asset at any stage of your career, especially while job hunting. From attending business networking events to following people in the same field as you on LinkedIn, there are numerous ways you can grow your business network. However, there is no better way to genuinely connect with people than through positive working relationships. Contract work vastly opens up this opportunity to build relationships with new colleagues and grow your business network. The network you grow could lead to your next contract job or even to a full time job opportunity.

4. Contract work reduces the gaps in your CV

When job interviewing there are easy gaps in your CV to explain, and then there are the slightly more tricky ones,

“I left the corporate world to commit myself full time to raising my children while they were young and am now ready to re-enter the work place.”  - Easy.

Especially when you are interviewing through an agency like RecruitMyMom. We work with forward-thinking companies who don’t shy away from hiring moms. Instead, they see the value a mom’s unique skill set can bring to the workplace.

On the other hand,

“I decided to re-enter the workplace five years ago but absolutely nothing has come up. Nothing. NOTHING!” – Not so easy.

Off putting, in fact.

If you foresee your problem being gaps in your CV, then contract work is the solution. It shows initiative and that you’re open to work. And who knows… contract work has been known to turn into a permanent position which leads to our final point.

5. Contract work can turn into a permanent position

Companies employ contract workers for a variety of reasons: they might only require a certain skill for a set period of time each year, they are going through a crunch period and require extra hands, or they are a small company and aren’t sure if they will have the work to sustain the position permanently.

It sometimes happens that a contract can turn into an offer of permanent work. There is no guarantee however, and if this doesn’t transpire don’t take it personally. It isn’t necessarily a reflection on the value you added or how impressed the company was with your performance. Regardless of the outcome, it stands you in good stead to always give your best. That way you’ll gain great experience and an even better reference on your CV.

Contract work doesn’t have to mean the end of your job hunt. Finding the perfect job can take time, and as you can see, contract work is a convenient way to earn an income while gaining experience, all the while continuing to search for your dream job.

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