Flexibility in the workplace: Find out exactly what it means

Flexibility in the workplace: Find out exactly what it means

When terms like micro, hybrid and remote are all being used to describe different kinds of flexibility in the workplace, it can be confusing to decipher what would suit your company’s needs. Let’s unpack exactly what flexibility means and how it can best benefit your company.

There are two main kinds of flexibility: Workplace flexibility, which pertains to work location, and flexible work hours.

Workplace Flexibility

If it is possible for your employee to do her job from a location other than the office, you can consider offering Workplace Flexibility. Otherwise known as working from home or remote work, there are many benefits to the employer such as, increased productivity, lowered costs and access to a much wider pool of potential candidates from which to recruit. Read more about these benefits. here

If full-time remote work would not suit the job requirements, you could consider a hybrid-working model. This is a location flexibility agreement which would give you the freedom to incorporate a combination of on-site and off-site work as required by the job and as agreed with your employee.

Flexible Work Hours

Not all jobs require a full-time, eight hour a day candidate. From mornings-only to set hours a week or month, there are many ways to resource the skills you require using work hour flexibility. Consider, for example, hiring an HR Manager for only for three mornings a week. The role could grow into a full-time position as the company grows. Flexible work hours can be used in conjunction with Workplace flexibility should the job be one which can be performed remotely or in-part remotely.

If, however, you are looking for a full-time, 8 hours a day candidate, you could consider the option of micro flexibility. This allows your employee the opportunity to commit to a full-time position with the knowledge she will be given the freedom and flexibility to attend to family emergencies should they arise.

Find the Right Fit and Get the Job Done

Flexibility might be a buzzword in the workplace at the moment, but we at RecruitMyMom have pioneered flexible working, and as such have unique insights into how it benefits both employers and their staff. When assisting our clients to fill a position or hire a virtual assistant, we always look for the best way we can combine and balance the different kinds of flexibility to best benefit our client and the candidate to make a perfect match.

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