How to Avoid Compromising Work or Family with Work Life Integration

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Work-life integration: the importance of prioritising family time

Balancing work and family life is a challenge that many working moms face, but at RecruitMyMom, we believe and promote that it is possible to prioritise work and family without compromising. It requires intentional effort, clear boundaries, and a supportive environment at home and work.

Here's our tips on how working moms can avoid compromising either work or family with work life integration: 

Value Your Work and Honour Your Commitments

As a working mom, it's essential to recognise the value of your work. Your career is not just a means to an end but a source of personal fulfilment and professional growth. Respecting your contractual obligations to your employer is crucial. This respect ensures job security and sets a positive example for your children regarding work ethic, reliability, and dedication.


Be Intentional About Family Connections

To maintain a strong bond with your family, prioritise intentional connections during specific times of the day:

Meal Times: Make family meals a sacred time. Whether it's breakfast, dinner, or both, use these moments to connect with your children and spouse. Discuss your day, share stories, ask questions and listen to each other without distractions.

Before and After work: Dedicate the first and last parts of your day to your family. In the mornings, engage in a simple routine that includes a healthy breakfast and a quick chat about the day ahead. After work, spend quality time unwinding with your family. This could be a walk, a game, cooking together or simply talking about everyone's day.

Weekends: Use weekends to create lasting memories. Plan activities everyone enjoys, from outdoor adventures to quiet evenings at home. This consistent family time helps reinforce your bond and gives everyone much-needed rest from the weekly grind.


Digital Detox for Quality Time

Phones and other digital devices are significant distractions. Make it a rule to put away your phone when you're with your family. This small but significant step ensures that you're fully present and engaged. Also, discourage your children from using devices in the car or during family time. These moments can be used for meaningful conversations and connections.


Ensure You Have Trustworthy Child Care

Choosing the right childcare is paramount. Find caregivers or daycare/aftercare centers that you trust implicitly. Knowing your child is in safe and caring hands will significantly reduce mom guilt and help you focus better at work. If your children are little, it's okay to communicate regularly with caregivers and stay informed about your child's day to ensure peace of mind. Stay focused on your work.


Engage In Open Communication with Your Employer

Transparency and communication with your employer are vital in managing work life integration. Discuss your flexibility needs openly. Whether it's adjusting your hours, working from home occasionally, or taking paid or unpaid time off for family commitments, having an honest conversation will lead to solutions that benefit both you and your employer. A supportive workplace understands the importance of family and can offer the flexibility you need.
Rethink unsupportive work environments. Start looking elsewhere if your employer is not open to flexibility. 


Empower Yourself as a Working Mom

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. Many working moms successfully balance their careers and family life. Here are some additional tips to empower you:

Self-Care: Take time for yourself. Self-care isn't selfish; it's necessary. A well-rested and happy mom can better manage both work and family. Ensure you sleep well and engage in self-care at work and with the family. Do not allow mom guilt to make you feel you must sacrifice everything on weekends to make up for the family.

Set Realistic Goals: Don't aim for perfection, and stop comparing. Set achievable goals for your professional and personal life. Celebrate small victories, and be kind to yourself and others on challenging days. If you mess up, ask for forgiveness and apologise.

Seek Support: Build a support network. Whether it's family, friends, or other working moms, having people to share your experiences and offer advice is incredibly helpful. Read RecruitMyMom's helpful blogs and newsletters on navigating work and family.


Navigating work and family is an ongoing process, but you can avoid compromising in both areas with intentional actions and a supportive environment. Embrace the journey, cherish the moments with your family, and take pride in your professional achievements. You are a role model for your children, and we believe in you!

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