Navigating Pregnancy, Maternity Leave, and Your Career

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Navigating Pregnancy, Maternity Leave, and Your Career

Welcoming a new addition to your family is an incredibly exciting and joyous time. But for many working moms-to-be, the thought of juggling pregnancy, maternity leave, and their career can be overwhelming. How do you navigate this delicate balancing act while still ensuring your success in the workplace? 


When to tell your boss you’re expecting


One of the first questions that may arise when you find out you're expecting is how and when to inform your boss about your pregnancy. While there's no one-size-fits-all answer, it's important to approach this conversation with thoughtfulness and professionalism.

Timing can play a significant role in determining when to share the news. Many women choose to wait until after they've reached their second trimester, as this is generally considered a safer period for pregnancy. However, if your job involves physical labour or potentially harmful substances, it may be best to disclose this earlier on so that necessary accommodations can be made. Regardless of when you decide to speak to your boss, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act states that an employee must notify their employer, in writing, at least four weeks before they commence their maternity leave. You can read more about the BCEA regulations in this article.

When it comes to actually having the conversation with your boss, consider scheduling a private meeting where you can discuss the matter openly. This allows for a focused discussion without distractions or interruptions. It also signals that you value their time and want to have an open dialogue about your future plans.

Approach the discussion by expressing gratitude for any opportunities and support given thus far in your career. Then calmly explain that you are expecting and outline any relevant details, such as approximate due dates and maternity leave. Assure them that while motherhood will become a priority during this time, you remain committed to maintaining productivity and contributing effectively once back at work.

Remember, every workplace is different, so gauge how much information feels appropriate based on past experiences and office culture. Sharing this news with your boss should be done in a way that makes you comfortable while demonstrating professionalism and clear communication.


Maintain professionalism and communication


Be confident in yourself and your abilities. Let go of any doubts or insecurities you may have about integrating work and motherhood – remember that millions of women have successfully done it before you! Communicate openly with your boss about your career goals and how becoming a mother fits into them. Show them that you are committed to both your job and the well-being of your growing family.

It's also important to continue performing at the same level as before announcing your pregnancy. Consistency is key to proving to your boss that nothing will change when it comes to delivering high-quality work. Consider discussing potential accommodations or adjustments needed during maternity leave or upon returning to work. Being proactive in addressing these concerns can help alleviate any concerns on both sides.

Seek out support from other working mothers within the company or industry. Connect with them for advice, guidance, and encouragement throughout this exciting yet challenging journey.

By being professional, and maintaining open lines of communication with your boss, you can ensure they take you seriously throughout every stage of this new chapter in life!


The chat about flexibility


Chatting with your boss about flexibility when you return from maternity leave can feel like a daunting task. However, it is an important conversation that will help ensure a smooth transition back into the workplace.

Approach the conversation with confidence and clarity. Be prepared to discuss your desired work schedule or any adjustments you may need to accommodate your new responsibilities as a mother. It's essential to communicate your needs effectively while also considering the needs of the company.

Discuss potential options such as flexible working hours, remote work opportunities, or job-sharing arrangements. Highlight how these alternatives can still enable you to fulfil your professional duties effectively while accommodating your personal commitments.

When having this discussion with your boss, be open and honest about what you think will work best for both parties involved. Remember, transparency is key in building trust and establishing a supportive relationship. Assure your boss that you remain committed to excelling in your role despite the changes ahead. Emphasise how valuable their support is during this transitional period and express gratitude for their understanding and willingness to explore flexible options.

Starting this dialogue early on will not only empower you but also foster an environment where working mothers feel supported and valued within their careers.


What if your boss isn’t on board?


Returning to work after maternity leave can be an emotional and challenging process for mothers. The situation becomes even more daunting if your boss is not supportive of flexible working arrangements. Unfortunately, encountering resistance from a boss who fails to recognise the value of flexible working options may lead to increased stress and discomfort. 

What you need to remember is that a lot of employers are open to flexible working, so don’t ever feel trapped in an environment where you are not being accommodated. As you enter the role of mother, we encourage you to feel empowered when integrating your work to accommodate your life.

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