The Role Of Diversity And Inclusion In Building A Strong Employer Brand

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The Role Of Diversity And Inclusion In Building A Strong Employer Brand

Diversity and inclusion (also known as diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI) are closely linked values held by many organisations that support different groups of individuals.

A significant number of organisations have recognised the importance of DEI by making it a priority for organisational development and creating new initiatives that will help build a future with a more inclusive workforce. 

While organisations have been stepping up their diversity initiatives, the positive business impact of diversity in the workplace is evident. This includes enhanced innovative ideas, employee morale, and better employer brand image. The general public's perception of your brand affects the perception of job seekers and potential clients. 


Diversity and inclusion: Understanding the effects on the employer brand 


Today’s candidates, especially millennial or Gen Z candidates, are looking for more than just an employment opportunity. They place significant weight on variables that impact the ‘emotional salary.’  The emotional salary is based on recognising and valuing employees' emotions and needs while providing intangible benefits that contribute to their happiness and motivation at work. Flexible work options, career advancement, corporate social responsibility, and DEI contribute to the emotional salary.

Let's focus on DEI and its significant impact on your employer brand.


Brand reputation

Building a strong brand reputation is a valuable investment in your company's future, and proactive efforts to maintain a positive image can save time, resources, and reputation management costs in the long run.

By prioritising and promoting workplace diversity and inclusivity, your company can enhance its reputation, attract top talent, and build strong relationships with clients and customers who value equity and social responsibility. 


Talent acquisition

Top talent seeks out diverse employers that foster inclusive and equitable working environments. Glassdoor reports that seventy-six percent of employees and job seekers say diversity “is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers.” And a Gallup poll found that engaged employees are “more likely to say their company values diverse ideas."

Failing to integrate DEI as part of your employer brand can give the impression that diversity is not a priority for your company and its leadership. This will alienate potential job candidates, particularly those from underrepresented population groups.


Client Acquisition and Engagement

Your customers, a diverse and valuable collective, offer a wealth of insights to help you understand their needs, preferences, and expectations. By engaging with them, you can gain a deeper understanding of how to deliver exceptional experiences, foster loyalty, and continuously refine and enhance your initiatives to meet their evolving needs.

Clients like to support businesses that make a positive social impact and contribute to society's greater good. Engaging your clients on your DEI strategy and what they would like to see from your company will enhance client acquisition and engagement. 


How to integrate diversity and inclusion into your employer branding strategy


Becoming a brand known for its DEI efforts means more than updating your job specifications. Most people, especially top job candidates, see through this.  DEI must be core to your organisation’s values; everything from company culture to recruitment efforts and digital communication must align with your commitment to DEI. 

We’ve outlined a few best practices to keep in mind:  


Be authentic

Embracing authenticity is a crucial step in successful DEI initiatives, enabling organisations to build trust, credibility, and a strong reputation. By committing to genuine, meaningful actions and progress, you can foster a positive work culture, enhance your brand's reputation, and attract like-minded individuals who share your values. This leads to a more inclusive and diverse workplace, driving business growth and social impact.

Genuine DEI requires action and accountability.


Use mindful branding materials

When accurately representing your employee base in branding materials, ensure your brand feels genuine and inclusive of all your employees.  

Emphasise showcasing the true diversity of your workforce, reflecting the reality positively and authentically.


Communicate your DEI initiatives

Do you offer mom-friendly opportunities, flexible working hours, workplace development programmes, diversity-specific mentorship or accessible office spaces for disabled employees?

Your DEI initiatives can only be effective if current and prospective employees and clients know about them. 

From an employer branding perspective, evaluating your current recruitment strategies through the lens of a prospective job applicant is essential. RecruitMyMom can assist with this.

Information on your existing and future DEI efforts should be communicated and easily accessible on your website and social media. 


Continuously update what DEI means at your company

As our understanding of what DEI means expands, so should your efforts to create work environments that support these changes. Your organisation needs to remain flexible and be prepared to make policy changes and update your DEI standards as the needs of your clients, customers and the workforce evolve. 

Regular training on unconscious bias and diversity can foster a more inclusive workplace environment, reinforcing the importance of every individual's role in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. 

Becoming a company that’s known for its commitment to DEI takes time. Even the world’s most recognisable brands can’t achieve this overnight. However, if DEI is genuinely a priority for your company, it’s worthwhile to identify how these efforts can be leveraged to support your employer's branding strategy. The long-term benefits are well worth the wait.


RecruitMyMom: Helping companies build a gender-diverse and inclusive workforce


Building a strong employer brand goes beyond a great logo. By actively hiring women and building a diverse and inclusive workforce, you cultivate a company culture that reflects the real world, sparks innovation, and positions your brand for unparalleled success.

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