Things every business should know when hiring working moms

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Things every business should know when hiring working moms

Working moms are an invaluable asset to any business. Whether it’s their expertise, dedication and work ethic, or their unique perspective that comes from balancing motherhood with a career. Working moms bring a myriad of benefits to the workplace. Fortunately, many businesses understand the potential of working moms and wisely tap into this highly beneficial pool of resource. 

Every business should take into consideration these positive attributes when hiring moms and take full advantage of  this underated pool of exceptional talent. It is a fact that many women are still being overlooked for positions and promotions in South Africa.

“5,8% of employed women in South Africa occupy management positions”. 

In 2022, 47% of women in the country were recorded as economically inactive, with Stats SA noting, “This means that almost half of the working age women in SA are out of the labour force compared to 35.6% of their male counterparts.

“The productive potential of South African women remains unused”

Our ethos at RecruitMyMom is to change those statistics. Here are a few things every business should know when considering hiring working moms:


1. They are dedicated to their jobs.

They understand the importance of doing a good job and meeting deadlines. Working moms are loyal and committed to the job at hand and deliver nothing short of excellence. If they find a work environment that respects them as mothers and treats them well, they will stay around. 


2. They are highly organised.

They have to be to balance their many demands. Their organisational skills carry over from home life to work life. This means they're excellent at time management and are able to complete their work efficiently. 


3. They are excellent multitaskers.

If you need someone who can handle the responsibility of multiple tasks, a working mother is definitely your ideal candidate. They are used to balancing multiple balls and bring this skill to work.


4. They are collaborative and empathetic

These values carry over from their home life. In turn, compassionately collaborating with others creates a positive work environment for everyone. An empathetic team member is a valuable team member.


5. They require flexibility

When considering hiring a candidate who happens to be a mother understand that flexibility is a valuable benefit. Work-life integration is important to them. In fact, on a side note, many candidates, whether moms or not are more likely to prefer a flexible working arrangements. If your business model allows for flexible working then use it as a drawcard to attract top talent.


6. They take their careers seriously

There is a bias that exists which thinks working moms don’t take their careers seriously, or all working moms want part-time work. This is false. Moms do take their careers very seriously which is why they continue to work. They take their families seriously too, and gravitate towards employers who are willing to offer a degree of flexibility in the way that they work. Many moms look for full-time employment with flexibility as a large portion of women in South Africa are sole bread winners for their families. 

Working moms are unstoppable

“The question isn’t who is going to let me, It’s who is going to stop me”. – Ayn Rand

The drive and determination found in the essence of this quote is why we are passionate about placing working women.  Knowing that they are not only working for themselves but for their families makes them an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. 

At RecruitMyMom we understand the benefits of hiring working moms as do many of our clients. For over ten years companies have trusted us to find top, professional candidates to join their businesses. If you are looking to hire top calibre female skills or talented graduates, get in touch or load a job.