Time-Management Tips for Multi-Tasking Moms

Time-Management Tips for Multi-Tasking Moms

Working moms can put most plate spinners to shame. You balance household responsibilities, along with your careers and somehow all the plates keep spinning.  We at RecruitMyMom understand however, there are days where the to-do list grows and capacity seems to shrink. It’s on those days when these five time-management tips could really come in handy.

1. Jot it down

Mothers carry a large mental load, and as such rely heavily on their memories. From to-do lists to reminders, carrying mental notes can be draining. The simple act of writing things down frees you up to focus your attention 100% on the task at hand without that niggling feeling you’ve forgotten something. Plus, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as striking items off a lengthy to-do list with a bright red pen.

2. Take shortcuts

With over 110 000 women on our RecruitMyMom database, we can say with confidence that we know skilled women well. We also know how many of these amazing women are absolute perfectionists. And while outstanding work ethic is always to be admired, we’re here to tell you there are times you can and should take those shortcuts. Pre-cut veggies? Yes please! Better still, don’t cook. There’s nothing wrong with leaving the stove off for a night and dishing up an array of fresh fruits, crackers and cheeses as a healthy and delicious snacky supper. 

3.  Savour your Sunday

…Or your Friday, or your Monday. Whichever day your work schedule allows, be vigilant about setting aside a day in the week to prioritise rest. We do realise that for working moms rest comes in different forms. For example, it can sometimes be ‘restful’ to catch up on admin or chores, knowing then that your week starts on a good footing. However, it is still important to every now and then do something for yourself. Go for a walk, read a book or listen to a podcast. Whatever recharges your batteries and allows you to switch off from your list of responsibilities.

4. Say no

For working mothers who usually do it all, we know this is a tough one. ‘No’ is a small word but it can make a big difference. Whether it’s offering to take on something extra at work, or chaperone the next school outing, there is wisdom in carefully selecting how you use your yeses. This way you can give the very best of yourself every time you commit to something.

5. Become a routine queen

From brushing your teeth to setting your alarm clocks, there are routines you do every day without giving them a second thought. By adding daily, weekly or monthly routines to your work or home schedules, you can save yourself time and smooth the day-to-day rhythm of your life. Things like routinely packing the school lunch boxes the night before, or waking up half an hour earlier to exercise before your day starts, can help you achieve a better work/ home life balance.

Being a working mom isn’t easy, and yet at RecruitMyMom we are constantly in awe of how graciously so many women step up to the task on a daily basis. The inspired, hard working moms we meet always give 100% to both their work and home lives and hopefully these five time-management tips will make the balance that little bit easier.

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