Upskill to re-enter the workplace

Upskill to re-enter the workplace

It’s an all too familiar tale: highly skilled woman has a job, has a baby, and ultimately has to decide if she can ‘do it all.’ Too many women drop out of the workplace when faced with the juggle of both work and home life responsibilities. Then years down the line find themselves navigating a daunting re-entry. Fear not, with the right recruitment agent and the right upskilling, it is possible to find a flexible solution that suits your needs. 

It’s normal to be nervous

Regardless of how long you’ve been out of the workplace, re-entry can be an intimidating process. From updating your CV to preparing for an interview, RecruitMyMom’s female-focused recruitment agents will guide you through the process every step of the way.

Upskill yourself

Chances are things have changed in the workplace while you’ve been gone. There are types of jobs being advertised today which didn’t exist a few years ago. That doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to positions of the past. If you see titles like ‘Digital Marketing Specialist’, or ‘Learning Designer’, don’t skip them. Rather take it as a sign it’s time to upskill. Upskilling is not as daunting as it sounds and allows for better prospects.

What is upskilling?

Upskilling is the important process of learning new skills needed for the ever changing workplace. In order to remain relevant on re-enter into the workplace, upskilling allows you to pick up a few new skills in your area of expertise which will keep you at the forefront of your chosen industry. At the rate at which technology is changing in the workplace, a lot of traditional roles are adapting into something different, or being replaced with entirely new roles. It’s important to keep your digital skills up-to-date because, while it’s not always the case, these new roles often require digital skills. For example, if your last position was a writer for a print publication, you might need to upskill in order to apply for a digital copy or marketing position.

How do I upskill?

Upskilling doesn’t have to mean heading back to school. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are a few ways you can gather the new skills you need without breaking a sweat.

  • Join a woman’s working network: the networking potential as well as the support is invaluable.
  • Stay connected: on LinkedIn, on Instagram, on Facebook. Listen to TED Talks, read articles. It’s the easiest way to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry – and it’s free!
  • Volunteer: before you start your job search, or while you’re job hunting, volunteer at an NGO or even consider a short internship to hone new skills and get your confidence back on track.
  • Do a short course: there are numerous free short courses you can take to help get you up to speed.
  • Learn on the job: be honest in your interview about where you’re at and the skills you still need. Then express your willingness and ability to learn on the job.

As long-time advocates for women in the workplace, we at RecruitMyMom find it encouraging to see more and more employers realising the company benefits that come with offering workplace flexibility. This means more women are successfully able to stay in the workplace while balancing family and work life. We are proud to be a part of that mindset change.

Whether as a mom you take a break from work or not, it’s important to remember upskilling will always stand your career in good stead.

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