The value of psychometric testing

The value of psychometric testing

The use of psychometric testing in job interviews throughout the world has enabled employers to select candidates based on much more than just credentials. The benefits of psychometric testing are effective when you are looking to nurture a powerhouse workforce that fits the bill in more ways than one. If you’ve only considered using this framework as a filtering system in your candidate selection process then it might be time to put it into action. Especially if you’re looking for new team members. 

In this article we unpack what exactly it tests and how the results will benefit your growing company. Along with one of two of our top tips for implementing this into your recruitment process. 

What does psychometric testing measure in a candidate?

Psychometric testing is a variety of tools and tests which measure the candidate’s long-term potential, personality and cognitive abilities and it looks at their behaviour patterns. Essentially, when hiring a candidate the traditional way, one may just look at experience, references and credentials. This process, however, gives an employer greater insight so that you can make an intuitive and careful selection. 

The benefits of psychometric results

As we sit in the era of ‘great resignations’, ‘digital nomads’ and other new trends, this kind of testing process will give you confidence when you choose the right candidate. Take a look at some of these benefits when looking at the results. 

Find candidates who have empathy and communication skills

Testing emotional intelligence, communication style and personality traits will help you to see who will work in harmony with others. This is a key trait in any candidate, and can set one apart from the rest. Emotional intelligence goes a long way in any organisation, it means the person holds the maturity to handle an array of situations without extorting company resources. 

Problem solving skills and interpersonal behaviour

One of the top skill sets to employ is that of good problem solving abilities. When you can see how a candidate will solve problems, or back away from solving problems, you’ll know if they are a right fit. This links directly with interpersonal behaviour. If there is a conflict, how the potential new employee handles it can make or break their ‘rightness’ for the role. 

Gain insight into how to lead the new employee

Psychometric testing enables an employer to reduce the learning curve of how to manage and lead a new employee. Why waste time when you can gain access to what makes this person tick before you even employ them? Gain the insight you need to find someone who will complement your personal style of management and leadership, or select someone who you know how to nurture into their best work self. 

Depending on the role, you might need specific, unique traits

When you are hiring for a more intricate role, having someone on your team who is detail-oriented and a type-A sort of personality will complement the job description. When you implement this way of filtering into your interview process, you’ll easily discover who to consider and who to let go of. 

3 of our top tips for implementing it 

Implementing a psychometric test into your recruitment and interviewing strategy takes some time and thought. Here are our 3 top tips for implementing this effectively.

Know what you’re looking for

Take some time to really hone in on what exactly you are hoping to find in the ideal candidate for the role at hand. When conducting this kind of interview process you want to make sure you spot the red flags, and green flags as early on as possible. This will save you time and resources in the long run and you’ll manage applicants with respect. 

Evaluate what you already have in-house

This kind of questioning is key to looking long-term in your organisational staffing structure. Make sure you have a firm understanding of the staff members you already have, and do some research into the personality traits, skills and behaviours you want to add into your already dynamic team. When you make the final decision and offer, you’ll need to be ready to iron out any potential creases along the way. 

Think outside the box

It can be too easy to remain in a linear way of thinking, with your blinkers on. Try to get yourself in a space where you think outside the box. Spend some time visualising the ideal candidate and how they interact and respond to your team and the vision of the company. It might be worth sharing this with other stakeholders or leaders in your company to get their take on it as well. The buck will stop with you, however, there’s nothing wrong with thinking outside the box, and then pulling it into the right strategy. 

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Written by the RecruitMyMom editorial team

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