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  • Time saving tips for busy working moms Being a mom is hard work, but being a working mom is even harder! We, at RecruitMyMom, understand the pressures that a working mom is under; from taking care of your children, preparing meals, dealing with household responsibilities and the stress of balancing a career. It can feel at times as if you are a circus juggler, trying not to drop any... Read More
  • The Top 3 Mistakes People Make on their CV It is the first impression you leave on someone you are hoping would employ you. Yet, people often do not take the necessary care when it comes to preparing their CV’s. Thoughtless mistakes can result in a CV application being rejected from the onset. To give yourself a competitive advantage when applying for a job be sure to avoid making... Read More
  • Things to consider when taking an independent contracting job The way in which employers are hiring is changing due to the increased demand for certain skills. They are increasingly interested in hiring skills on-demand to add value when they are required. Subsequently, there is a rise in the flexible workforce, which includes freelancers and independent contractors.... Read More
  • Tips from our Recruitment Managers on how increase your chances of job success on RecruitMyMom. You have heard so much about RecruitMyMom, and you can’t wait to register and start applying for suitable new work opportunities. You excitedly register on, complete the online CV, then visit the job listings page and apply for a job, a few days later you... Read More
  • Top trends helping moms in the workplace Technology has changed the way people work. Technology is enabling different ways of hiring and retaining talent. These trends in the workplace are creating a favourable environment for women, in particular for mothers who have to juggle the responsibilities of family and career. Here are some of the latest trends that have positively impacted... Read More