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  • What to consider when taking on part-time accounting jobs in South Africa More and more companies are realising the resource and cost benefits of hiring part-time in South Africa. Similarly, many qualified workers, particularly those with familial obligations, are appreciating the advantages of working part-time. Thanks to the... Read More
  • How to write an excellent cover letter for a CV To be able to write an excellent cover letter or motivational letter is as important as having a top-notch CV.  Did you know that recruiters and employers decide within five to seven seconds of glancing through a CV to reject or investigate the contents further? Research indicates that often employers and recruiters don’t get as... Read More
  • How upskilling could land you a job in 2020 Why would you need upskilling, if you have over five years work experience? It can make you more employable. South Africa is said to be the most technologically advanced country in Africa. As such, we have in recent years experienced a dramatic shift from the traditional pen-and-paper method to online systems, as more and more businesses are... Read More
  • Time saving tips for busy working moms Being a mom is hard work, but being a working mom is even harder! We, at RecruitMyMom, understand the pressures that a working mom is under; from taking care of your children, preparing meals, dealing with household responsibilities and the stress of balancing a career. It can feel at times as if you are a circus juggler, trying not to drop any... Read More
  • The Top 3 Mistakes People Make on their CV It is the first impression you leave on someone you are hoping would employ you. Yet, people often do not take the necessary care when it comes to preparing their CV’s. Thoughtless mistakes can result in a CV application being rejected from the onset. To give yourself a competitive advantage when applying for a job be sure to avoid making... Read More