Getting back in the game: one mom’s testimonial

Getting back in the game: one mom’s testimonial

At RecruitMyMom we are passionate about making a difference in the lives of women. One of our recently placed moms wanted to share her testimonial in order to encourage others not to give up.

Before accepting this position, I had been out of the workplace for four and a half years. I truly believe the time at home was not wasted though. Being a stay at home mom helped me to learn a lot of new skills. I was able to learn how to better manage my time, how to sharpen my listening skills and also as a first time mom, I learnt how to be a lot more patient!

My sister-in-law mentioned RecruitMyMom to me some time ago but at that stage I wasn’t committed to joining the work place again. However, when I was ready I remembered RecruitMyMom and it was the first forum I tried. I was looking for either work from home, half day or flexible hours to start with.

The process of applying for jobs felt quite daunting after such a long break. I wasn’t sure if potential employers would see the gaps in my CV as a negative or if my skills would be too out-of-date. On a personal level, I was also nervous about how I’d handle the interview interaction again. I needn’t have worried though. The RecruitMyMom recruiter was amazing. I was honest with her about my situation and she understood. She explained everything to me and kept checking in on me as we went through the interview process.

It’s so encouraging to see how more and more companies seem to have had a mind-set shift regarding working moms. I know my current employer certainly has! My employer sees the value of my professional skills and what I have to offer the company, knows that with a little flexibility I can excel in the position and add real value in the role. This gave me hope that the working place culture is changing for working moms. Also, seeing the amount of vacancies on RecruitMyMom website gives me hope that this is the new way forward. 

If I was to give advice to moms starting out on the process of job hunting, I’d say the first step would be to update your CV and be honest about your time out of the workplace. It’s also important to also be emotionally ready for the change. If, like me, you’ve been at home for a while, the change will surely be challenging for the family so have an open conversation about how the responsibilities can be split so that it’s not too taxing on any one person. Above all, definitely register and check out the job vacancies on RecruitMyMom. I’m recommending RecruitMyMom to all my mom friends after my personal and successful experience. The most important thing RecruitMyMom did for me was give me the confidence to TRY! As long as us moms keep trying, our opportunities will be endless.

Every person we deal with has an extraordinary story. We are continuously looking for ways to better support our moms and reach more potential employers who see the benefit of hiring skilled moms. Stories like this from Krishni touch our hearts and encourage us to keep on doing what we do. Register today on RecruitMyMom and start looking for your dream job. 

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