How To Get Hired In 2024: A Guide For Busy Moms

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How To Get Hired In 2024: A Guide For Busy Moms

We spend so much time looking for a job, but we don’t often give thought to how to get hired. We know this is not necessarily your focus right now; it is a busy time of year. Work is ramping up its’ deadlines, the holiday season is looming, and your children’s schedule is packed with school concerts, exams, prize-givings, and year-end parties. 

Peak recruitment season is from January to March, as this is the time when many people move jobs. So now is the time to get prepared if you are a busy mom looking for a job.

We are here to share our top five tips on how to get hired in 2024.


Tip #1: Be clear about what job you want to get hired for


“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences and failing to achieve anything useful.” – Margaret J. Wheatley


Evaluating and considering what you want in a career and your ideal work environment or offerings helps you find the most rewarding job to suit your lifestyle. 

To pursue your ideal job, you need to take stock of your skills and interests. What are you good at? What do you enjoy? Making a list of your strengths and passions will help you identify potential career paths. 

Once you have done this, consider your long-term aspirations. Where do you see yourself in five or ten years? What kind of job do you want to have by then?

Lastly, consider what you want your potential job to offer. Whether you are looking for better benefits, a better salary, a change from remote to in-office, an improved company culture, or merely a better work-life balance - these are all important considerations to take into account when looking to get hired.


Tip #2: Review and update your CV


Once you have reflected on what you want from your next job, update your Curriculum Vitae (CV). 

Carefully go through your CV and review all of your information, paying attention to spelling and grammar. Add in any new qualifications or achievements. Check that your latest employer is listed. Ensure you add your latest software tools. 

Research how your ideal jobs are described online. Incorporate the phrasing these jobs are using, which will ensure your CV does not sound out of date or old-fashioned. If possible, ask someone working in the field to review your CV. 


Remember to update your CV on RecruitMyMom

Don’t forget to update your online CV on the RecruitMyMom portal so that our recruiters can see any new skills, experience and other requirements you have that will suit a job advertised on our site. Read this article on tips to optimise your CV on our candidate portal.


Tip #3: Write down your transferable skills


If you are reentering the workplace or wanting to make a career change, it will be a worthwhile exercise to write down all your transferable skills. Transferable skills are all the skills that you take with you from one job to another. The ability to clearly communicate ideas to others, solve unexpected problems, or work well in a team are all examples of transferable skills. 

Identify your transferable skills by reviewing the skills that you used or developed in your current or previous jobs, such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, project management, or data analysis. Then, group these skills into categories, such as technical, interpersonal, or organisational skills. These are your transferable skills that you can highlight in your CV, cover letter, or interview. 


Tip #4: Mindfully prepare for an interview


This is a crucial step when preparing to get hired. Being well-prepared for an interview can boost your confidence and allow you to present yourself in the best possible manner. It is recommended that you review and prepare for common interview questions

Additionally, consider the questions you would want to ask in an interview to see if the potential job and company would be the right fit for you.

While you are showcasing your abilities to an employer, it's also an opportunity for you to evaluate if the employer and position align with your own goals and needs. 


Tip #5: Don’t give up!


As a busy mom looking for a job, we understand that the job-hunting process is stressful. Be patient, be mindful, stay persistent and don't get discouraged. Before you know it, the right job will come along, and you will be glad that you remained positive and persevered.

Almost one hundred percent of our staff are working moms at RecruitMyMom so we know the importance of prioritising our time. Keep in mind that finding a job to suit your needs and fulfil you is just as important as the other millions of other things on your to-do list, so make time for it, and remember, RecruitMyMom is here with you every step of the way.

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