A list of the top 20 flexible jobs for moms

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A list of the top 20 flexible jobs for moms

In a post-pandemic workplace, and after a rough few years, flexible work is at the top of the priority list for many employers and moms who are looking for meaningful jobs. RecruitMyMom has seen around corners over the past ten years and the solutions we offer are almost an essential service when it comes to building an economy of a diverse, skilled workforce. The employers we work closely with are willing to offer remote, hybrid and in-office jobs that have a measure of flexibility in place to support the work-life integration of working mothers. They recognise and celebrate the value that skilled moms bring to the workplace. 

Here are some of the most in-demand positions we receive regularly at RecruitMyMom. If you are looking for work, keep your eyes peeled for some of these exciting opportunities. 

  1. Recruitment managers
  2. Personal and administrative assistants
  3. Marketing managers or coordinators 
  4. Digital marketers
  5. Attorneys (various levels)
  6. Accountants (especially CAs)
  7. Tax consultants
  8. Bookkeepers
  9. Market growth coordinators
  10.  Lead developers
  11.  Appointment setters
  12.  Graphic designers
  13.  Software developers
  14.  UX designers
  15.  Human resource consultants
  16.  Project managers
  17.  New business developers

Some exciting and rewarding part-time jobs include

  1.  Nutritionist or wellness coach
  2.  A tutor for school-going kids
  3.  A commercial photographer

The virtual assistant demand is on the rise since the pandemic. If you haven’t yet, take a look at how you can become an independent contractor or virtual assistant with RecruitMyMom. Read more on this here.

If you aren’t skilled in one of these but want to change directions and give it a go, there are plenty of short courses or distance-learning programmes available so you can up-skill yourself in as little as six weeks. 

Remember to pick something you’re passionate about so that the time away from your family is worth it to you. 



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