Workplace values to hold onto throughout your career

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Workplace values to hold onto throughout your career

Every workplace is different and has its own set of values. Values are what hold a company together, set the tone of the culture, and unite employees and business leaders towards one vision. 

The term ‘values’ means the “principles or standards of behaviour; one's judgement of what is important in life,” according to Google Dictionary. At RecruitMyMom, the values we share as a company are relevant to those we serve, too. Look at RecruitMyMom's seven values below, and we encourage you to activate them in your life. They will hold you in good stead no matter where, when, or how you work.

1. Deliver ‘wow’ through exceptional service

When you offer an employer ‘exceptional service’ it means that you go out of your way to provide the best possible level of the skills that you bring to the table. There is something unique about a skill demonstrated in a way that truly ‘wows’ the recipient. It’s noticeable, and when you apply this kind of enthusiasm and attitude of excellence to your work, you will automatically stand out. At RecruitMyMom, our team celebrates and champions this in each other and with those we serve as a company.

2. Be professional 

Learning how to be professional is one of the foundational lessons everyone goes through during the early stages of their career. There’s something to be said about individuals who professionally conduct themselves in the workplace. Part of this is taking responsibility for what is yours while standing up for what you know to be right and fair in a professional manner. When you are professional at work, you show your true character and demonstrate a level of grit that’s impossible to avoid in your career. 

3. Treat everyone with respect

This value will hold you in high esteem, no matter where or what you do. Whether you’re in the workplace, with family, or with friends, treating every person with respect is non-negotiable. At RecruitMyMom we do our best to ensure that we provide a professional service and that the way we interact with everyone who crosses our paths feels respected. When you’re able to respect others, regardless of who they are, you work with an attribute that employers will not quickly overlook. 

4. Invest in building long-term relationships 

Networking is one of the most important elements of looking for a job and building your career. Make sure you never burn bridges with companies you leave behind, and always remember to acknowledge and be thankful for the lessons they taught you. Building ongoing relationships is great for character references when you are looking for work. People talk, and potential employers love to hear a good character reference or letter of recommendation. It’s also not just about employers; it’s also about colleagues and friends in the workplace. Invest your time in building long-term relationships and reap the benefits. 

5. Be fair and honest

Fairness and honesty link closely with being authentic and treating everyone with respect. Strive to be consistently fair and honest with yourself, your colleagues and those around you. It’s not always easy to do if you're in a situation where these attributes cannot be seen in those around you, but only you can look after your reactions. Maintain a standard of honesty and fairness in your career, and how you deal with people.

6. Grow through feedback 

One thing we value at RecruitMyMom is a growth mindset. Where a fixed mindset is limiting, a growth mindset is liberating. With any job and career path comes a level of feedback from those around you and supervisors. Whether you agree or disagree with the feedback, always take notes, go back to the drawing board, and see how much of it you can implement. When you position yourself to grow rather than to become cheeky and embittered with feedback, you allow yourself to move to the next level of maturity and eventually promotion. Take the good from the feedback and use what will sharpen you and grow you to the benefit of your long-term career. 

A growth mindset embraces challenges, perseveres in the face of failure, is inspired by the success of others, takes responsibility, accepts constructive criticism, has a desire to learn, and builds on opportunities.

A fixed mindset avoids challenges, gives up easily, is threatened by the success of others, ignores feedback, finds efforts fruitless, has a desire to look smart, and has fixed abilities.

Choose your mindset, choose to grow and you will thrive in the workplace!

7. Authenticity brings real rewards

Authenticity and integrity are in the same family in their definition. Both of them require a person to have a level of courage and contentedness in who they are at any given point, which are wonderful attributes to hold onto in your career. Authenticity is not a performance. It is about being real, vulnerable, and honest about who you are and what you bring to your career. According to Brené Brown, “Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it's having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it's our greatest measure of courage.” 

At RecruitMyMom, we provide meaningful, flexible work for women who are passionate about what they do and who want to apply their unique skill set to a forward-thinking company that values them. Have a look through our current job openings, there are new opportunities loaded daily. You may just find your dream job.