Attract top talent to your company in 2022

Attract top talent to your company in 2022

As an employer, attracting and retaining an effective workforce is essential to building a powerhouse company. To get the most out of your resources you need to attract and hire top talent in your organisation. 

As a quick insight into the workforce of today we know that finding top talent isn’t what it used to be. The cream of the crop are skilled and equipped with technological know-how. This makes them a wonderful addition to any organisation and gives employers the opportunity to nurture their in-house talent for greater company impact. 

Now is the time to understand the things that make top talent tick and write job specifications that will draw the right people in. When you understand these, you will recruit with confidence. Make a real impact and position your company for a successful future by recruiting well.

Consider these aspects to attract top talent

If you’re looking for new hires in 2022, consider some of the following aspects to attract the best applicants to your organisation. 

What are your strong differentiating factors? 

What sets your company apart from other companies in your industry? Identify a few, key aspects and use these to attract new employees. Can you identify and market your strong differentiating factors to attract top talent? Do some research into how those factors play a role in attracting top job-seekers. 

We project that finding excellent employees in 2022 will be a competitive endeavour. Positioning yourself and your brand in the right way will do wonders for your recruitment and expansion strategy.

Flexibility in a job specification

One of the top attractions for job-seekers is flexibility within the job they are applying for. Whether the job is hybrid, remote or a contract, flexibility is going to take the cake. One may draw the conclusion that a lack of flexibility has driven the ‘Great Resignation'. Set your company apart by integrating a flexibility policy into new jobs. 

Diversity: consider inclusion and belonging

Diversity in the workplace has been a hot topic for a while. We could look at gender equality, racial inclusion and more. Essentially, candidates are looking for a place to belong and to ensure they are included in the team when they join a company. Is it possible for you to find a way to communicate this with potential new employees? 

Have an understanding and an answer for these candidate questions

Whether you have certain trending elements available in-house or not, it’s worth being prepared to answer some candidate questions during an interview. 

Is there a focus on employee wellness?

Wellness programmes are trending in a post-covid work environment. This means that you might be asked about employee wellness during an interview or in conversation with prospective new employees. 

Whether your organisation is involved with particular wellness programmes or not, having a response will be helpful to a potential new employee.

Ultimately, the onus is on an individual to ensure that they are ‘well’ enough to work. However, if you want to attract top candidates, it may be viable for you to emphasise the importance of wellness in the workplace. You can also mention examples of what makes your company a positive, safe and healthy working environment. 

What are the growth prospects in the given role?

When you share your vision for a role and your business with a new employee you are giving them the opportunity to step into a roadmap towards career success. It’s also an invitation for them to buy into the company vision, which makes them a better employee, if they are interested. If what you share coincides with something a candidate is passionate about or believes in, then you’ll attract them to your company with ease. 

Show new employees how they can contribute to the greater vision of the company by bringing what they do well. Mapping out the growth opportunity for candidates will get their attention. 

If the role is not flexible, is that on the table? 

If you have not advertised the job as a flexible, remote or hybrid role, it would be great to know how you could answer a top applicant should they ask about this. You could also mention how an employee may work towards a level of flexibility in the job.

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