Free Tech Tools That Enhance Collaborative Working

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Free Tech Tools That Enhance Collaborative Working

Pre-Covid, the majority of employees were in-office. During Covid, employees scurried to work remotely. Post-Covid introduced the hybrid working approach. Now that we are well into 2023, businesses are welcoming employees back into the office with a more flexible approach.

Tech tools has made this shift possible. As advocates for the benefits of remote work options, especially for women, RecruitMyMom is excited to see more and more employees and employers express their desire not to knee-jerk back to ‘the way things were.’ Instead, companies are now looking for new and innovative ways to operate and collaborate, whether in-office or remotely.

Email and WhatsApp paved the way for faster communication, but now there are new tools available designed to streamline the world of work. Here is a list of free online tools that make remote working and team collaboration a reality in a digital world.

Take a look below at the tech tools we’ve identified that will help foster an environment of engagement.


Online communication tools


Most organisations are familiar with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Organisations can set up connected, collaborative workspaces for their employees to share information and work as a team using online platforms. They provide tools that promote team collaboration and communication, such as file sharing, instant messaging, and audio and face to face video calls. 

With Slack, employers can easily track and assign tasks and responsibilities thanks to the chat interface's fast, secure, and organised team communication. You can efficiently coordinate and organise tasks and projects with the help of Slack. It additionally offers integration with other software and solutions for project management.

If you are looking for something a little different, take a look at Gather. Gather is a video chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human. It is browser-based. It works really well with small to medium sized teams that want to connect and collaborate in a virtual space together. Users are able to build their own customised spaces and easily “pop” over to their colleagues’ desks to say hi.


Online collaboration tools


A creative team can virtually collaborate to wireframe, prototype, or mockup a project in real time using the online whiteboard platform Miro. Due to its versatility, it can be used as a whiteboard, project management tool, marketing tool, and brainstorming tool simultaneously. You can screen share and synchronously provide a virtual presentation to the team members via the built-in video and audio calling in Miro. You can make notes on the unlimited whiteboard and see what your colleagues are writing in real-time. Miro makes collaboration simple, which boosts productivity and enables the company to identify solutions for challenges quicker.

Notion is a comprehensive knowledge management solution that enables team members and employees to collaborate on projects, share documents, and take notes. Employees or internal users can more easily learn new information and assist with simplifying complex ideas into easily understandable information thanks to its customisable interface and user-friendly design. In order to effectively organise and monitor business activities and data, Notion also provides capabilities like spreadsheets, knowledge bases, notes, and project schedulers. You can manage tasks and projects using lists, calendars, and kanban boards with the help of Notion's advanced project management tool.


Workflow management tools


ClickUp is project management software that allows you to plan, track, and collaborate on any project. You can create marketing campaigns, manage development sprints, assign tasks, and create the ideal workflow for you and your team. ClickUp is a platform that can be customised for any and all use cases, from basic to advanced. The software is very versatile, and it works for all different types of teams.

Another all-in-one work management platform that helps streamline workflow is Collaborate seamlessly and manage complex projects effectively. This cloud-based platform was developed to simplify your work by creating helpful tools and applications for managing work.

As a company that is 100 percent remote, we at RecruitMyMom use a number of Zoho applications. Their applications integrate well into other applications and they cover a plethora of online working requirements. 
Choose the tech tools that work best for you. The idea is not to use hundreds of apps and further complicate your work flow, but to explore those that fit your business needs. If it improves the workflow of collaborating with a remote team, then that is the one for you.

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