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  • BizBuzz Cover August 2016 BizzBuzz magazine had an interview with CEO and founder of RecruitMyMom, Phillipa Geard.   1 Why did you start your own business? I was on “career break” with a large international corporate after having had my second child, when I was approached by a... Read More
  • Momtrepreneur The article below was published on Mom Talk I totally love this idea! This concept is great to help skilled Moms who want to earn some income without necessarily committing to a full time job and can do it in their spare time. I couldn’t help but share more about Recruit My Mom today as I know so... Read More
  • Good Housekeeping- Why Working Mothers? Good Housekeeping published an article on RecruitMyMom Many working mothers are torn between time spent utilising their skills and qualifications, and time spent hammering out homework requirements.  Economic pressure often forces both parents into the workplace, compounding the guilt... Read More