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  • Destiny Magazine: Back To Work Their Way RecruitMyMom featured in the Destiny magazine. An innovative recruitment website that focuses on helping professionals find part-time or flexible employment is proving invaluable. Phillipa Geard’s decision to start RecruitMyMom has had a profound impact on the lives of South African families... Read More
  • What are Seasonal Skills? At times in the life of every successful SME (small and medium-sized businesses), changing needs, growth and expansion call for varying worker skills on a short or medium-term basis. Seasonal skills describe the employment of qualified, professional employees on a flexible part-time basis to adequately fill this... Read More
  • Times are tough and if you own or manage your own business, you know how difficult it can be to find fit-for-purpose people. But the way we work is changing and there is a pool of highly skilled people that have thus far been largely overlooked in the hiring process. In today’s ever-changing world which faces increasing economic... Read More
  • Job-Sharing has great benefits for both employers and employees. That’s why more and more companies in South Africa are starting to offer job-share positions. One of the toughest human resource challenges today is the recruitment and retention of talented employees. Very often, a couple of candidates can be found that tick most of the... Read More
  • The way we work and the places we work are evolving rapidly; 2015 revealed even more companies and people adapting to a future work culture, which embraces flexibility, openness and the harnessing of technology to improve efficiency. 2016 is going to be an exciting year in the workplace with multinationals leading the way in drastically... Read More