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  • Woman And Home Magazine : Could You Be The Flexi Type?
    Could you be the flexi type? Flexible working hours is a big trend that is a huge motivating factor behind the increasing number of women becoming their own boss; employers agreeing to flexibility to keep or hire talented staff; and employ people with portfolio careers where they work for more than...
  • Destiny Magazine: Back To Work Their Way
    RecruitMyMom featured in the Destiny magazine. An innovative recruitment website that focuses on helping professionals find part-time or flexible employment is proving invaluable. Phillipa Geard’s decision to start RecruitMyMom has had a profound impact on the lives of South African families.
  • What are Seasonal Skills? At times in the life of every successful SME (small and medium-sized businesses), changing needs, growth and expansion call for varying worker skills on a short or medium-term basis. Seasonal skills describe the employment of qualified, professional employees on a flexible...
  • Fast Company Home Sweet Home Office – Working Mothers
    RecruitMyMom has recently been featured in Fast Company. Recruit My Mom is on online platform that helps women find more flexible work opportunities around South Africa. Phillipa Geard is the founder and CEO of RecruitMyMom, a national online recruiting site that specialises in flexible-hours,...
  • Fair Lady - RecruitMyMom
    RecruitMyMom has been featured in Fair Lady. Half day employment would be ideal for most moms, yet there’s a dearth of suitable options. Now a brilliant online recruitment agency RecruitMyMom, is helping skilled Moms find solutions.
  • Cape Times Logo
    Cape Times quotes RecruitMyMom CEO Phillipa Geard on flexible work.
  • Cape Talk Small Business Awards
    RecruitMyMom was a proud finalist in the Cape Talk Small Business Awards in 2013.
  • BizBuzz Cover August 2016
    BizzBuzz magazine had an interview with CEO and founder of RecruitMyMom, Phillipa Geard.   1 Why did you start your own business? I was on “career break” with a large international corporate after having had my second child, when I was approached by a company in South Africa to help them launch a...
  • Momtrepreneur
    The article below was published on Mom Talk I totally love this idea! This concept is great to help skilled Moms who want to earn some income without necessarily committing to a full time job and can do it in their spare time. I couldn’t help but share more about Recruit My Mom today as I know so...
  • Good Housekeeping- Why Working Mothers?
    Good Housekeeping published an article on RecruitMyMom Many working mothers are torn between time spent utilising their skills and qualifications, and time spent hammering out homework requirements.  Economic pressure often forces both parents into the workplace, compounding the guilt associated...