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  • Woman And Home Magazine : Could You Be The Flexi Type? Could you be the flexi type? Flexible working hours is a big trend that is a huge motivating factor behind the increasing number of women becoming their own boss; employers agreeing to flexibility to keep or hire talented staff; and employ people with portfolio careers where they work for more than one employer, either on a contract basis or as... Read More
  • Destiny Magazine: Back To Work Their Way RecruitMyMom featured in the Destiny magazine. An innovative recruitment website that focuses on helping professionals find part-time or flexible employment is proving invaluable. Phillipa Geard’s decision to start RecruitMyMom has had a profound impact on the lives of South African families... Read More
  • What are Seasonal Skills? At times in the life of every successful SME (small and medium-sized businesses), changing needs, growth and expansion call for varying worker skills on a short or medium-term basis. Seasonal skills describe the employment of qualified, professional employees on a flexible part-time basis to adequately fill this... Read More
  • Times are tough and if you own or manage your own business, you know how difficult it can be to find fit-for-purpose people. But the way we work is changing and there is a pool of highly skilled people that have thus far been largely overlooked in the hiring process. In today’s ever-changing world which faces increasing economic... Read More
  • Job-Sharing has great benefits for both employers and employees. That’s why more and more companies in South Africa are starting to offer job-share positions. One of the toughest human resource challenges today is the recruitment and retention of talented employees. Very often, a couple of candidates can be found that tick most of the... Read More