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  • The One Good Thing That Came Of Ivanka Trumps New Book Ivanka Trump’s new book Women Who Work has caused more controversy than she perhaps anticipated. While it is wonderful for someone like Ivanka to have hopes and dreams and passions for “having it all”, the reality is vastly different for the... Read More
  • Changing your company's culture Historic work culture has, for decades adhered to rigid, formal company procedures, carried out during fixed office hours with no leeway. A large portion of the workforce – working moms, trying to balance a full day at the office with the needs of their families – gave up their working careers to stay at home. Some juggled their... Read More
  • Skilled Workforce On Tap The on-demand economy is growing and bringing with it a fair share of social change that is about to shape the future of work. Let’s be honest, the way that we look for services and other items of need is changing; from online shopping to home delivery, we have revolutionized modern commerce. The internet is a click away and with every... Read More
  • Womens Month - The Role Women Have Played When it comes to flexible work, women, and moms, in particular, are really leading the charge in changing the way that they structure their lives to find a more balanced approach to meeting multiple demands. An increased demand for digitally based jobs and a broader acceptance of the benefits of technological connectivity has opened up the... Read More
  • Why flexible work means more than part-time There is a misconception that flexible working is only applicable to less skilled positions and that jobs which require an average full working day or more cannot comfortably fit into this category. This is preceded by the thought that flexible work is exclusively part-time. This fallacy is becoming increasingly challenging as the concept of... Read More