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  • Why Hiring Graduates will Grow Your Business Hiring graduates in these uncertain times can seem like a daunting thought. Particularly when your company does not have a fully-fledged graduate programme like large corporates.   However, as a business owner, you know that it is only those who dare to be brave and step out to take a risk that are likely to succeed.  So that's... Read More
  • New Division For Youth Employment During the past six years, RecruitMyMom had turned away many jobs that are suited to young graduates, interns or apprentices and not skilled, experienced moms. Now, rather than turn these jobs away we want to make it easy for employers to fill them with young talent. "Over the past year, I have been moved to my core by the plight of the... Read More
  • RecruitMyMom 2017 Survey eBook In 2017 we conducted this survey to better understand how companies might attract and retain top women talent into senior positions of leadership, particularly through the child rearing years. 
    Read this ebook below to see what 1045 SA women with children had to say.  
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  • Labourwise_Parental_Adoption_Materity Updated 10 June 2019 On 23 November 2018, President Ramaphosa signed the Labour Laws Amendment Act of 2018 into law. The Act covers the new provisions regarding parental, adoption and commissioning parental leave in terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. It also deals with certain changes to the Unemployment Insurance Act. It has... Read More
  • Stay Safe Online With the rise of the platform economy worldwide, where a growing number of businesses are operating on online platforms, it creates both opportunities and threats in our daily lives. Online platforms make it possible for us to skip bank queues, get groceries delivered to our doorstep and apply for jobs online. As with all progress where there are... Read More