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  • Maternity Leave in SA: What to expect Expecting a new baby is the most exciting things in the world. Yet, there are real challenges you have to face and one of these is to plan your work administration and prepare for the time you will be on maternity leave. We have created a  timeline to help you get the work admin out of the way and focus on becoming a new mom. In... Read More
  • Soft Skills In The Workplace A couple of years ago, employers were only interested in a prospective employee's intellectual quotient (IQ). These days, employers realise that the success of an employee is not based entirely on their IQ, but that their emotional quotient (EQ) also plays a significant role in employee and company success. Your EQ is one of the... Read More
  • Why recruiters use social media Social media has impacted many aspects of our lives. From the way we share information, get recommendations on which plumber to use to the way we do business. For businesses, it has created an opportunity to interact directly with their customers and provide them with relevant up to date information that adds value to their customers’ lives... Read More
  • Lying about qualifications on a CV could lead to jail time The National Qualifications Amendment Bill has recently been passed, and if president Cyril Ramaphosa accepts it, it means that candidates who misrepresent their qualifications on their CV can get jail time. This bill aims to ensure that people are adequately qualified for the positions they apply for. Lying on a CV is seen as fraud and... Read More
  • Dagga In The Workplace People may no longer be prosecuted for cultivating, possessing and using small amounts of dagga for private purposes. But what are the consequences for the workplace? The recent decision of the Constitutional Court in Minister of Justice & Others v Prince & Others to decriminalise the cultivation, possession and use of dagga for... Read More