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  • The Flexible Super Employees no one saw coming Moms…we know what makes them beloved and special to their families. But what is it about mothers that give them such a high value in the workplace too? Mothers have been in the workplace for many years of course, but it is only quite recently that they have been discovered for the values and experience they bring to filling skills gaps.... Read More
  • Living and Loving Living and Loving interviewed CEO and Founder of RecruitMyMom, Phillipa Geard on “15 best jobs for working moms” 15 jobs to consider “RecruitMyMom has been going for five years now and we’ve seen a massive increase in the number of... Read More
  • If necessity is the mother of invention, then what do the necessities of mothers amount to? And who really is listening to them? RecruitMyMom was born as a result of those needs and has since changed the very definition of the workplace in South Africa. Here’s the story behind the brand, RecruitMyMom... Read More
  • The One Good Thing That Came Of Ivanka Trumps New Book Ivanka Trump’s new book Women Who Work has caused more controversy than she perhaps anticipated. While it is wonderful for someone like Ivanka to have hopes and dreams and passions for “having it all”, the reality is vastly different for the... Read More
  • Changing your company's culture Historic work culture has, for decades adhered to rigid, formal company procedures, carried out during fixed office hours with no leeway. A large portion of the workforce – working moms, trying to balance a full day at the office with the needs of their families – gave up their working careers to stay at home. Some juggled their... Read More