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  • Success Elements to Implementing Flexible Work Arrangements Following on from the article Key for change: Employment with a future mindset where I discussed the need for the change concerning flexible working arrangements, I trust that you are convinced that the time has come to make flexible working in South Africa the norm. You might even be willing to give it a try yet find yourself asking: where do I... Read More
  • Filling the Skills Shortage with On-Demand Recruitment Since the early days of the internet back in the nineties, the explosion of technology has made enormous leaps forward in the way people are being employed. Back in the day, long-established rules entrenched by decades of strict work principles dictated that workers should sit at a desk in an office from 8 to 5. The ever-growing need for... Read More
  • 10 Quick Checks Before Applying For A Job Applying for a  job online can be daunting. At RecruitMyMom we try to make it as easy as possible for you. Here are 10 quick checks to do before applying for one of our jobs.   1. Is your CV saved under your profile complete and fully up-to-date? The CV you complete on RecruitMyMom is what employers will ultimately see, so... Read More
  • The Key for Change: Employment with a Future Mindset The increased demand for flexible working is one of the key driving forces behind the rapidly changing nature of work (source: Key trends for global employers in 2018 by Baker Mackenzie).  It is essential for anyone making employment and... Read More
  • Dressing For An Interview Most people would refuse to turn up at a gym wearing flip-flops and a sundress to run on the treadmill, while a 2-piece business suit would invite ridicule in a spinning class. Neither would be allowed on a golf course. Failure to comply with dress codes would mean having to choose another pastime. Dominoes or Tiddlywinks anyone? It perplexes... Read More