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  • How to Create a Great Cover Letter Did you know that recruiters decide – within five to seven seconds of glancing through a CV – to reject or investigate the contents further? Research indicates that often they don’t even get as far as examining the CV, having discarded a too-short, hastily written cover letter or a lengthy, boringly worded motivation within... Read More
  • 2017 National Woman in Business Champion The sought-after 2017 National Woman in Business Champion is Phillipa Geard from online recruitment platform RecruitMyMom. This innovative business assists skilled Moms who are looking for meaningful, part-time... Read More
  • Are Part-time and Contracting Accounting Jobs Right for You? Accounting specialists are finding part-time and temporary, or contract employment an increasingly attractive option in today’s labour market. Part-time accounting jobs offer unique perks. For those accounting and finance professionals who have recently undergone a career setback or are looking to make a career or lifestyle change, flexible... Read More
  • Cape Talk Cape Town’s Phillipa Geard has been crowned the 2017 National Woman in Business Champion, five years after starting her successful online recruitment platform. She was crowned at South Africa’s ninth annual Top 20 Small Business and Entrepreneurship Award this week. Geard is the CEO and founder of RecruitMyMom, an agency that has... Read More
  • This is What Flexible Working Really Means Flexible working can be viewed on a continuum of flexibility: from no flexibility at all to working-from-home and being measured on productivity, rather than physical presence. Being able to offer flexible-working arrangements is a powerful way to attract and retain high-level skills particularly amongst women. Gender diversity within companies... Read More