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  • Why trust and competence are not the most important factors when implementing flexible work practices. In the article Essential Success Elements To Implementing Flexible Work Arrangements In The Work Place we presented... Read More
  • The Business Sense Behind Employing Virtual Moms When entrepreneurs and startups grow past the point of the founder being able to do everything themselves, they face various challenges, most particularly staffing. Not all startups are fortunate enough to have that initial capital injection to be able to afford upmarket office space and the ability to fill the needed business functions at once.... Read More
  • Virtual Assistants The term "Virtual Assistant" is relatively new in South Africa. Business owners when considering hiring an assistant to lighten the workload often only think only of hiring someone in-office. However, since the rapid growth of the internet and home-based working, Virtual Assisting is one of the fastest growing new jobs, followed closely... Read More
  • Digital Moms On The Rise Working in an environment that specializes in placing skilled moms in a variety of positions, it is interesting to note a significant increase in the number of digital posts being filled by women. The rise of the digital mom in the workplace may not be an entirely new phenomenon but it is certainly on the increase and set to change the HR world... Read More
  • 4 Obvious benefits of women at work in a digital era With August being woman’s month in South Africa, we are celebrating what 20 000 women started back in 1956. To have women in senior decision making roles within the workplace was completely uncommon just a couple of decades ago. We salute the many strong women that have paved the way and made it possible for women today to achieve whatever... Read More